Privacy Policy for AI Halloween House Transformer

At AI Halloween House Transformer, we prioritize the privacy of our users. This Privacy Policy outlines the types of information we collect and record, and how we use it. Should you have more inquiries or need further details about our Privacy Policy, feel free to reach out to us.

Log Files

AI Halloween House Transformer adheres to a typical process of using log files. These files register users when they engage with the app. Data collected by log files encompass IP addresses, browser variant, ISP, timestamps, referring/exit pages, and perhaps click counts. This data isn’t connected to any personally identifiable details. Its main function is trend analysis, app management, user movement tracking on the app, and collecting broad demographic data.

Image Data Usage and Protection

The protection and privacy of our users are paramount at AI Halloween House Transformer. With our services, we employ image data to give users a peek into potential future scenarios. Here’s our approach to safeguarding and handling this data:

Collection of Image Data

The app gathers image data when users access the features provided. This data is exclusively for delivering the app’s functionalities and isn’t diverted for other uses.


Acquired image data is dispatched to our API for processing. No other purposes are served with this data.


Post-processing, once the visual representation is handed to the user, the image data is instantly eradicated from our servers. We don’t hang onto or store image data after the task is finalized.

Third-party Sharing

Under no circumstance do we disseminate the image data to external parties, save for processing through our API, which doesn’t store this data beyond the request’s span.

Protection of Minors

AI Halloween House Transformer is committed to not deliberately amass image data from youngsters under 13 without parental approval. Guardians suspecting unauthorized data provision by their offspring can approach us for instant removal.

Our Advertising Affiliates

Certain advertisers in our app could deploy cookies and web beacons. For your convenience, we’ve linked their Privacy Policies:

Users can peruse this list to acquaint themselves with the Privacy Policies of each of our advertising associates. Third-party advertisement entities might employ technologies like cookies, JavaScript, or Beacons for their ads and links displayed on AI Halloween House Transformer. Your IP address is automatically accessed when this happens. Such techniques aim to upscale their ad effectiveness and tweak the ad content you witness on this or other apps or platforms. It’s essential to acknowledge that AI Halloween House Transformer doesn’t have any influence over the cookies utilized by third-party advertisers.

Third Party Privacy Policies

Our Privacy Policy doesn’t extend to external advertisers or websites. We suggest consulting the distinct Privacy Policies of these third-party servers for more exhaustive data.

Information of Minors

Shielding young individuals during their digital ventures is our goal. We encourage caregivers to supervise, partake in, and oversee their child’s online engagements. AI Halloween House Transformer abstains from gathering Personal Identifiable Information from children below 13. If you believe your child has shared such information on our platform, please contact us straight away for its immediate removal.

Online Privacy Policy Exclusivity

This Privacy Policy only caters to our digital activities and is applicable for users of our app concerning the information they furnished or collected in AI Halloween House Transformer. Offline data collection or via other channels outside this app isn’t under this policy’s purview.


Engaging with our app implies your consent to this Privacy Policy and an agreement to its stipulations.

Feature-Specific Data Handling

AI Halloween House Transformer offers unique functionalities related to providing insights into the future, such as visualizing pregnancy, seeing future offspring, and merging photos to generate combined outcomes. Our handling of this data is explicitly outlined below:

Pregnancy Visualization

When users upload their photos to see a pregnant version of themselves, the app processes the image and offers a visual output. The original image, as well as the processed result, are neither stored nor retained beyond the session. Once the user closes the app or moves to another function, all data related to this feature is purged from our servers.

Future Offspring Visualization (Upcoming Feature)

In this feature, users will be able to visualize potential future children. The same strict privacy standards apply. We don’t store, retain, or use the images beyond the immediate processing required to generate the output.

Photo Merging for Combined Outcome (Upcoming Feature)

Users who choose to blend photos with their partners will receive a combined image output. Both the original images and the generated result are ephemeral, existing only for the immediate session. Our system is designed to erase these images as soon as the feature is used. All these features strictly adhere to the no-storage principle. Our goal is to ensure immediate processing for real-time user enjoyment without compromising user data.

Data Breach Procedures

We are committed to ensuring the security of our users’ data. However, in the unlikely event of a data breach, we will take the following steps:

Immediate Action

Our technical team will work swiftly to identify and remedy the breach source.

User Notification

Affected users will be informed promptly about the nature of the breach and the data that may have been compromised.

Remedial Measures

We will assess and implement additional security protocols to prevent future breaches. We continually work on fortifying our data security and are vigilant about potential vulnerabilities.

User Control and Rights

Every user of AI Halloween House Transformer has the right to:

To exercise any of these rights, users can contact us directly.

Contact Us

For any questions, concerns, or comments about this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at

Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email: